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Handmade ring from the healing stone moonstone  (faceted). Due to the special cut of the pearls, the colors of the sun are particularly beautifully reflected.


Available in four different designs.


Healing stone moonstone: 

The moon is a celestial body that is constantly changing and is connected to intuition. It is the same with the moonstone. Depending on the incidence of light, it shows itself in the most varied of facets and shimmers beautifully over the entire surface when it is moved.

The moonstone also helps us humans to strengthen our intuitive powers.

You can find all the details about the effect of the healing stones  here .


Top it up - with the right one  Gift wrapping and greeting card .


There are no limits to your creativity, feel free to write to us for your customization requests! 


With every gift sold, we donate € 2 to a selected aid organization.

MAYA | Ring made of healing stone moonstone

PriceFrom €22.00
  • S | 50mm

    M | 55mm

    L | 60 mm

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