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Manuka Gifts Spendenprojekt

Inspired by the beginnings of Manuka Gifts  With this project we would like to give something back to all those countries in which we have already had wonderful experiences and to all those people who urgently need our help.

We donate € 2 for each item sold to an aid organization of our choice. We select these organizations according to certain criteria and with great care.  

So that as many people as possible in emergencies can benefit from this project, we would like to change the aid organization every 6 months.  

Under the DONATION ACTION tab you will find  the newly selected organizations, as well as an insight into the donations collected.

If you would like to donate more with your purchase in our shop, this is of course possible. Please just let us know and transfer or send the additional amount directly.

We ensure transparency and guarantee that your donation arrives where it is urgently needed.

For this purpose, we continuously publish the donation receipts.

As an indication, we would like to communicate openly and transparently that by submitting the donation on our behalf we have a (very small) tax advantage, since the donation is booked to us as "expenses". Thus we are exempted from the tax on the donation amount. This is a small amount that we see as compensation for the time and effort with which we are driving this project.   

Would you like to donate more directly on behalf of our projects? You can do that right here.  

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