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Your chakras

According to the teachings of Hinduism, yoga, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and many spiritual teachings, chakras are invisible energy centers of the body that are connected to one another via numerous energy channels.


Chakra means “wheel” or “turning”. The chakras are the switching points to the universal life energy and take in rotating (like a whirlpool) energy in the body or in the seven different energy bodies. But we can also lose energy through the chakras.


According to this teaching, physical and mental disorders can occur if one of the chakras is blocked, i.e. not in its natural flow of energy.

Your chakras absorb waves and vibrations from healing stones and can thus be brought into a positive vibration (= energy absorption). By using the appropriate healing stones, you can support your body and mind to vibrate on the most positive vibration possible and prevent blockages.


For each chakra we have selected a suitable healing stone, which should particularly emphasize and promote the task of this chakra.

Chakren Reinigung

Eine besondere Möglichkeit die Aktivität Deiner Chakren zu unterstützen, zu reinigen und mit frischer Energie zu versorgen ist die Ausleitung von Blockaden über die Hände und die anschließende Durchflutung mit Licht (Illumination).

Eine Fähigkeit, die in uns allen verborgen liegt und die durch den eigenen Entdeckungsweg und das Praktizieren zu einem starken Behandlungstool wird.

Schenke Dir die Chance, Deine eigene Erfahrung damit zu machen und lasse Dich dabei von unserer Expertin Astrid unterstützen (buche Deinen Termin zur Chakren-Reinigung hier).

Deine Chakren können dauerhaft in eine positive Schwingung (=Energieaufnahme) gebracht werden, denn sie nehmen Wellen und Schwingungen von Heilsteinen auf. Durch die Verwendung der geeigneten Heilsteine kannst Du Deinen Körper und Geist dabei unterstützen, auf einer möglichst positiven Schwingung zu vibrieren und (weiteren) Blockaden vorzubeugen.


Für jedes Chakra haben wir einen passenden Heilstein herausgesucht, welche besonders die Aufgabe dieses Chakra unterstreichen und fördern soll.

Chakren Energiezentren Deines Körpers

Crown chakra | Crown chakra

The crown chakra is the seat of spirituality and merges our mind with our soul. In Hinduism one also sees the enlightenment of the human being anchored here. The color of this chakra is white with light purple components. 

The healing stone belonging to the crown chakra is amethyst.  

Third eye chakra | Third Eye

In the middle of our forehead is the third eye chakra, also known as the third eye. This point also marks the top of our spine. 

This chakra stands for our will, perception, knowledge and mind. This stimulates and reflects the authentic perception of the soul. 

The matching healing stones range from dark blue to dark purple. Our favorite is clearly the lapis lazuli, but the stones sodalite, azurite, amethyst, sapphire and fluorite are also beneficial for the brow chakra.  

Throat chakra | Communication chakra

The throat chakra is our fifth main chakra and can be found in the area of the throat. It is associated with communication, self-actualization and self-determination. The throat chakra is connected to your higher self, i.e. your higher mind, which brings us into harmony with the divine flow of life. 

Its color is light blue, the matching healing stones are aquamarine and turquoise.

Heart chakra

As is easy to guess, the heart chakra is the chakra of love, devotion and compassion. It is also at our side in questions of perception, beauty and harmony. 

It creates a connection to the human energy body, which has our karma. 

Suitable healing stones for the heart chakra are jasper and aventurine.  

Solaplexus Chakra

The solaplexus chakra is our third main chakra and is positioned directly above the solar plexus, approximately at the level of our stomach. As the seat of personality, this chakra unites will, power, wisdom and experiences with our feelings. Its color is yellow.

The matching healing stones are tiger's eye and citrine.  

Sacral chakra | Sex chakra

Let's talk about it! You can find this chakra a hand's width below your belly button. It stands for sexuality, feelings and creativity and enables a connection with our emotional body.  

The orange color stands for activity, energy, joy and hope. These include the gemstones orange jasper, and the very special amber.  

Root chakra | Base chakra

Your root center is at the bottom of your tailbone. It has a supporting function, which unites terms such as instincts, trust and stability. Of all the chakras, this is in the closest connection to the physical body. 

Associated with it are red healing stones such as carnelian, red agate, garnet and jasper.  

Mode of action

When placing healing stones on the chakras or on the respective chakra, several aspects come together. The chakras have certain (high) vibrations which, depending on the frequency, ensure that the body's energy can flow freely, powerfully and without obstacles. Stone healing also assumes that stones have a certain vibration of their own, which can also be transferred to us.

When applying healing stones, you can specifically influence a chakra by letting the individual vibration of the gem act on the chakra and thus stimulate it. The oscillation of the chakra is stimulated and reactivated, it gets into resonance.


This is done on the one hand by touching the respective part of the body. On the other hand, the healing stone works through its own information (vibration), which is only effective when it is coordinated with the field of action of the chakra. The chakras are therefore assigned vibrational frequencies. These can be addressed via sound vibrations or sound frequencies (using singing bowls), or via color frequencies of light or the frequencies of the components of the precious stones (minerals).

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