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Handmade ring from the healing stone rose quartz (faceted). Due to the special cut of the pearls, the colors of the sun are particularly beautifully reflected.


The intermediate pearls are made of our favorite material 14k Gold-Filled. 


14k gold-filled  is a particularly high quality material. The gold layer used is 100 times thicker than conventional gold plating. This material is considered to be particularly stable and wear-resistant and is a great alternative to real gold.


Healing stone rose quartz: 

Rose quartz is a particularly important healing stone for the heart. Because he ensures sensitivity and romance. It is the stone for those in love, it awakens longings and desires. In particular, the receptivity to love is strengthened by the rose quartz.

The heart opens and has more confidence because it gains confidence in its own abilities. As a result, rose quartz also has a calming effect on the mind. This gemstone also gives a feeling of emotional connection with his partner and that is how it comes  in long-term relationships.  Through him a relationship can be new  Gaining harmony and understanding.

You can find all the details about the effect of the healing stones  here .


Top it up - with the right one  Gift wrapping and greeting card .


There are no limits to your creativity, feel free to write to us for your customization requests! 


With every gift sold, we donate € 2 to a selected aid organization.

ROSIE | Ring made of healing stone rose quartz with 14k gold-filled pearls

22,00 €Price
Color of the closure and decorative elements
  • S | 50mm

    M | 55mm

    L | 60 mm


    How to measure your circumference:  take a strip of paper and place it around the finger on which you want to wear the ring. Cut it to fit exactly. Now you measure the length of the strip. This is your circumference! Is your size not available? Write us a note in the shopping cart and make the ring in your size. 

  • Nach Eingang Deiner Bezahlung wird Deine Bestellung mit viel Liebe handgemacht und max. 5 Tage später klimaneutral in einer umweltfreundlichen Verpackung innerhalb der gesamten EU zu den hier stehenden Konditionen an Dich verschickt.

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