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Allergy-friendly hoop earrings (stainless steel) in different styles - mix your own pair! 


1 - normal freshwater pearl (7-8mm)

2 - large freshwater pearl (1mm)

3 - natural cowrie shell

4 - Citrine stone and freshwater pearl

5 - Yin-Yang sign and freshwater pearl

6 - rock crystal (5x17mm)

7 - Two stars made of shell

8 - A shell star

9 - letter made of stainless steel (choose your own!)

10 - Heart made of shell and rose quartz stone

11 - palm


Diameter hoops: 16mm

You can also wear the hoops on your own. A pair of earrings, two ways to wear them! 


The earrings are made of the allergy-friendly material  stainless steel  and therefore particularly durable and hard-wearing. 


You can find all the details about the effects and properties of the gemstones here.


Top it up - with the right gift packaging and greeting card .


There are no limits to your creativity, please write to us for your customization requests!


With every gift sold, we donate € 2 to a selected aid organization.


The price refers to one earring. 

MIX & MATCH | Hoop earrings in different styles