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Handmade bracelet made of faceted healing stone moonstone (pearl size 4mm), freshwater pearls and gold-plated elements (optionally also silver).  Due to the special cut of the moonstone, the sunlight is particularly beautifully reflected in it.


Healing stone moonstone

The moon is a celestial body that is constantly changing and is connected to intuition. It is the same with the moonstone. Depending on the incidence of light, it shows itself in the most varied of facets and shimmers beautifully over the entire surface when it is moved.

The moonstone also helps us humans to strengthen our intuitive powers.


The moonstone is seen as a feminine gemstone. It especially helps to promote femininity and to develop it. With the help of the moonstone, the female hormone balance is regulated and brought into balance.

It promotes fertility and also helps with menstrual cramps. In particular, its positive effects on fertility and pregnancy have long been important powers of the moonstone. It influences the pregnancy itself just as positively as the time afterwards. Even later in the menopause, it is a sought-after companion.

In India, the moonstone is also considered a dream stone that makes for beautiful dreams.



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With every gift sold, we donate € 2 to a selected aid organization.


MAYA | Bracelet with healing stone moonstone and Yin-Yang pearl

Color of the closure and decorative elements