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Summery choker made of faceted healing stone aquamarine (pearl size 4mm), freshwater pearls and gold-plated elements (optionally also silver). Optionally with a cowrie shell integrated into the side.

Due to the special cut of the aquamarine stone, the sunlight is reflected in a uniquely beautiful way.


Aquamarine healing stone

Legends and fairy tales show the aquamarine as a treasure of the sea. Due to its clear and transparent appearance, one associates the aquamarine with innocence and purity.

The aquamarine has a positive effect on the psyche and the body. It is a tried and tested healing stone for depression and weather sensitivity and gives the wearer drive in case of depression.

He supports you even in difficult times and underpins the expressiveness.

You can find more information about all healing stones in our free e-book .


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There are no limits to your creativity, feel free to write to us for your customization requests! 


With every gift sold, we donate € 2 to a selected aid organization.


HANNI | Choker with healing stone aquamarine and cowrie shell

PriceFrom €74.00
Color of the closure and decorative elements
  • Maße:
    Länge der Kette: ca. 38cm exkl. 4cm größenverstellbares Verschlusselement

    Größe der Heilsteinperlen: 4mm (facettiert)
    Größe der Süßwasserperlen: 4-6mm
    Es handelt sich um ein Naturprodukt, weshalb Form und Farbe der Perlen variieren können.


    Zier- und Verschlusselemente:
    Gold: 14k Gold filled
    Silber: 925er Sterling Silver


    Kauri-Muschel: 17x12mm

    Weitere Details zu unseren Materialien findest Du hier.

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