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Earth is what we all have in common! 


Discreet ear plugs made of the popular material 14k gold-filled in a circle (7mm diameter). Your faithful companion for every situation. 


14k gold-filled is a particularly high-quality material. The gold layer used is 100 times thicker than conventional gold plating. This material is considered to be particularly stable and wear-resistant and is a great alternative to real gold.


Top it up - with the right gift packaging and greeting card .


With every gift sold, we donate € 2 to a selected aid organization.


EARTH | Ear plugs made of 14k gold-filled

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  • Nach Eingang Deiner Bezahlung wird Deine Bestellung mit viel Liebe handgemacht und max. 5 Tage später klimaneutral in einer umweltfreundlichen Verpackung innerhalb der gesamten EU zu den hier stehenden Konditionen an Dich verschickt.

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