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Handmade necklace  the end  Amethyst healing stone (faceted; size of the pearls: 4mm). Due to the special cut of the pearls, the colors of the sun are particularly beautifully reflected.


The gold beads (2.5mm) are 14k gold-filled.  14k gold-filled is a particularly high-quality material. The gold layer used is 100 times thicker than conventional gold plating. This material is considered to be particularly stable and wear-resistant and is a great alternative to real gold. The decorative and closure elements are also largely made of gold-filled and stainless steel. 


Optionally with 18k gold-plated crescent (16x10mm). 


Length: approx. 36cm + adjustable closure elements 


You can find all details about the effect of the healing stones here.


Top it up - with the right gift packaging and greeting card .


There are no limits to your creativity, feel free to write to us for your customization requests!


With every gift sold, we donate € 2 to a selected aid organization.

CLEO | Choker aus Heilstein Amethyst

PriceFrom €74.00
Color of the closure and decorative elements
  • Maße:
    Länge der Kette: ca. 40cm exkl. 4cm größenverstellbares Verschlusselement
    Größe der Perlen: 4mm (facettiert)
    Es handelt sich um ein Naturprodukt, weshalb Form und Farbe der Perlen und Steine variieren können.


    Zier- und Verschlusselemente:
    Gold: 14k Gold filled
    Silber: 925er Sterling Silver


    Goldener Halbmondanhänger: 18k vergoldet (blei- und nickelfrei) 16x10mm 


    Weitere Details zu unseren Materialien findest Du hier.

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