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Boost your inner balance!  With our chakra chain with seven different healing stones you can bring your energy centers back into balance and provide them with the best possible supportive effect of the healing stones. 


Length: 38cm

Material: 6mm healing stones, white glass pearls, natural freshwater pearls (4-6mm), stainless steel locking elements


The variant made from white glass beads is vegan. 


According to the teachings of Hinduism, yoga, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and many spiritual teachings, chakras are invisible energy centers in your body that are connected to one another via numerous energy channels.


Chakra means “wheel” or “turning”. The chakras are the switching points to your universal life energy and take in rotating (like a whirlpool) energy into your body or into the seven different energy bodies. However, we can also lose energy through the chakras.


According to this teaching, physical and mental disorders can occur if one of the chakras is blocked - i.e. not in its natural flow of energy.


Your chakras absorb waves and vibrations from healing stones and can thus be brought into a positive vibration (= energy absorption). By using the appropriate healing stones, you can support your body and mind to vibrate on the most positive vibration possible and prevent blockages.


For each of yours  Chakras  we have selected a suitable healing stone, which should particularly emphasize and promote the task of this chakra.


Crown chakra: amethyst

Forehead Chakra: Lapis Lazuli

Neck chakra: turquoise

Heart chakra: jasper

Sacral chakra: amber

Root chakra: carnelian


We have designed a detailed folder with all the important information for you and of course we will send it to you.


Everything  You can find out about the effectiveness of healing stones and information on energetic cleaning and charging of these in our free e-book .


There are no limits to your creativity, please write to us for custom-made products and customization requests. 

CHAKRAS | Choker for your seven energy centers (vegan option)

PriceFrom €64.00
Color of the closure and decorative elements
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