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From April to December 2020 we raised € 2,096 in donations for Bread for the World with your help

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June 21, 2020     € 1,574     "Corona Help Africa"

December 29, 2020      € 216     "Experience Inclusion"

December 29, 2020      € 216     "Secure nutrition"  

The remaining € 90 was donated to World Vision as part of an "emergency aid collection" to provide aid after the explosions in Beirut. Since this was a comparatively small campaign, there is no extra project description. > View donation receipt .  


The organization Bread for the World became aware of our campaign and presented it in a print brochure on the occasion of "Giving Tuesdays". The prospectus was distributed to around 18,000 households in Austria. We are happy to be able to reach even more people with it.

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