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Can I change the world on my own?

We looked at this question and didn't really come up with an answer until we came across the mosquito example.

Because imagine you are lying in bed in the evening and want to sleep and have a single mosquito in the room. If you've already experienced this situation, you know the effects a single mosquito can have.

We are therefore firmly convinced that a single person can contribute to the common good. We are also convinced that everyone has something to give and that it is our responsibility to do something positive for the general public.

This does not mean acting 100% flawlessly, sustainably and perfectly, but where we are able to make the right decisions. We are all human and we make mistakes too.

It is important to us that you know that everyone can act environmentally conscious and considerate. With your behavior, even if you don't even notice it, you can be a role model for others and provide impetus.

We, too, have been initiated umpteen times and have thus developed our present-day awareness step by step.  

With Manuka Gifts we try to give you food for thought, so that the waves that our actions are making may widen a little.  

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