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Boost your inner balance! Here the full power of nature comes to you at home. 

Set of three different healing stones with special effects for your drinking water.

Put the premium gemstones in your water and revitalize it with special healing energies.


In this set you get:

Rock crystal tip:  The rock crystal is one of the most important healing stones, it brings you clarity and gives vitality. Of all the healing stones, he is the one that can strengthen healing energies the most. His gift is to increase the vibrations of the energies that touch him. Thus it can contribute to your increase in consciousness. This healing stone provides clarity, energy, order and strength from within and harmonizes your energy system.


Rose quartz stone:  Rose quartz is a particularly important healing stone for your heart, because it ensures sensitivity and romance. It is the stone for those in love and awakens longings and desires. Your receptivity for (self-) love will be strengthened by this healing stone. Your heart will open and trust itself more, because it will gain confidence in its own abilities. As a result, rose quartz also has a calming effect on your mind. Through him relationships can acquire new harmony and understanding.


Amethyst tip:  The amethyst has particularly cleansing abilities on your mind and helps you to clear your head. This allows you to strengthen your concentration and promote objectivity, which makes it easier for you to make decisions. The clarifying effect of the amethyst also helps you to dissolve sadness and to deal better with (love) grief. Negative energies are dissolved through it, so you will achieve inner peace in the long term.


Holy New Moon Salt (30g):  Our own house mix of natural rock salt (crystal salt from Zechstein  from the primeval sea 280 million years ago; mined dry at a depth of 750m), fresh lavender and house ingredients. The salt was purified at the new moon and given positive intentions. You can use it to clean your healing stones (jewelry and water stones), or as shower salt for energetic cleansing. 

We explain how the cleaning of your healing stones works in our free e-book


All healing stones are carefully selected by us from a European dealer and are premium quality. You will also receive a detailed folding card with all the important information about your water stone set. 


Top it up - with the right gift packaging and greeting card .


With every gift sold, we donate € 2 to a selected aid organization.