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The key ring from the AMBER collection with your zodiac sign - also a wonderful gift idea! 

The zodiac sign is made of stainless steel and is therefore particularly robust and hard-wearing, exactly what you need when the key is always somewhere.

From now on, your zodiac sign and the protective stone amber can accompany you on your way and always see you and your home aside. 


Amber , also known as amber, is petrified, fossil tree resin and is one of the oldest and most sought-after gemstones in the world.

It has always been considered a protective stone.  Above all, however, it is known as the stone of joie de vivre and optimism.  The amber calms the mind and can relieve depression and anxiety.  This awakens the spirits and provides creative ideas.

The healing stone also promotes flexibility through its optimism,  as well as the decisiveness.  These positive effects of amber lead to one  livelier and more attractive charisma.


Top it up  - with the right one  Gift wrapping and greeting card .


There are no limits to your creativity, feel free to write to us for your customization requests! 


With every gift sold, we donate € 2 to a selected aid organization. 

AMBER | Keyring with zodiac signs and Baltic amber

  • Nach Eingang Deiner Bezahlung wird Deine Bestellung mit viel Liebe handgemacht und max. 5 Tage später klimaneutral in einer umweltfreundlichen Verpackung innerhalb der gesamten EU zu den hier stehenden Konditionen an Dich verschickt.

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